While I have been living in St Lucia I have only taken I think one photo of a spider, very sad, but when I lived in Jamaica I was lucky enough to take many photos of spiders. Here is one of the them.

Camera: Canon Rebel XTi Lens: Macro 100mm Location: Jamaica

The below photo isn’t just a picture of a patch of grass, if you look very closely you can see the little guy sitting in the middle of the picture. I think its an anole or maybe a gecko, there are quite a few of them around, and they are very little. I have watched them eating the ants in the grass. Not sure if this is an adult or if this is as big as they get.

Camera: Canon Rebel XTi Lens: Macro 100mm Location: Rodney Bay, St Lucia


Jamaica Banana Spider

Jamaica has the most beautiful spiders, these are called banana spiders, Jamaicans also call them casket spider because of the shape of their bodies. The large spider is the female and if you look closely you can see a small spider which is the male.