Ants in Bali

I’ve been finding it difficult to find things to photograph, living at the hotel has its disadvantages. The problem is that they fumigate for mosquitos which obviously kills most bugs. So the most interesting things I see are ants and flies. Don’t get me wrong they are still very interesting, but it would be nice to find more interesting insects. Will definitely need to find a different location.

Found these ants on the restaurant table, looked online to do some research on what kinds of ants they are. I think they are weaver ants, but not sure. Does anyone know if I am correct?

Photos are a little grainy, not quite sure why, and also these ants don’t stop moving so I am quite surprised I managed to get these two photos.


I have started a facebook page so if you’d like to go and have a look.

Tanya’s Macro Photography

Have a great day everyone



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